About me

82458364_2686377348148536_14280478496391168_oHi! My name is Anh. I am currently a junior at University of Illinois at Chicago. I’m majoring in Communications with a minor in English and Art. I have a great passion for New Media, Popular Culture, Writing, and Art.

Since I was a kid, I had always found the mass media fascinating in many ways, specifically how it helped people create connection, stay in touch, and make more friends. Up until my high school years, I loved how social networks can move people’s heart and shape their thoughts through any means of transportation. I decided that my future job would be relating to public events and information transporting. Thus, by the time I was admitted to University of Illinois at Chicago, I chose Communications as my major with no hesitation.

Now that I could study and do research on the field I have always had a craving curiosity in, I have a view to expand other sides of my potential. I decide to improve my writing skill in order to have a minor degree in Journalism or English by the time I graduate UIC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. I take up reading as a hobby to reinforce my vocabulary and research skills. These skills are to assist me in learning as much as possible during the time I study at UIC as an undergraduate. I might have a different plan depending on financial situation and my ability after college, but I’ll never know. I’ll walk whichever path life sets me in.

As for another side of myself, I take up drawing as a hobby. During my childhood, art under any form has always been the feast for my eyes, especially drawing and painting. How a person arranges random lines and colors into specific patterns can create a masterpiece or how people can convey powerful messages through painting strikes me with curiosity. To me, art is another form of communication, but we barely notice this fact. Ever wonder why we learn about paintings just like how we interpret poems? Art conveys symbolic messages, just like language. Looking at an artist’s work, one can learn about the artist’s personality, mindset, background; with broader, one knowledge can learn further about the problems of the era at the time and understand the artist’s point of view about the problem. To me, art awakens the best within people that even ourselves never knew of. It brings color to the world and passes down legacy to generation. Though, for now, this hobby only serves as a source of entertainment, I believe this form of communication can walk me further on my career path in the far future.

I have high hopes for the future and what UIC has to offer me at the moment. I believe if I work hard and keep on pushing myself out of my own limits, I will exceed my expectation.